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What is Ghost.Cat?

Ghost.Cat is a theme for the Ghost blogging platform. Ghost started as a wildly successful kickstarter campaign and is now available to the backers.

As a Ghost theme, Ghost.Cat is strongly focused on blogging and nothing else. Just like the platform, this theme will be under constant development and anyone who owns a copy of it will receive updates for free.

What can it do?

As mentioned above, Ghost.Cat is a minimalistic blogging theme. Posts are structured like a set of cards, with each post acting as a self-contained node. The theme is also fully responsive and adjusts from single column to multi-column for larger resolutions.

Why should I buy this?

A great deal of time was spent in refining the aesthetics of this theme. With your purchace not only are you going to receive constant improvements, Ghost.Cat is also designed to be future proof and device agnostic. This theme is meant to last.

This website acts as a demo of the theme and some further previews of can be seen below:

Front Page:

Single Post:

Small Mobile:

Small Desktop/Tablet:


What about further customization?

As Ghost progresses as a platform you will see a great number of improvements happen over-time. With firther improvements to their theme development features Ghost.Cat will continue to adapt and aquire new options


Support is available from me and other users via this github page: Ghost.Cat Support

This repository is checked regularly.


Ghost.Cat works in all modern browsers:

4 5 6 7 :
Latest Latest IE9+ 16+ 6+

Hope you enjoy the theme!